What does the criminal code say?

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On 21.11.2012, the new Code of Criminal Procedure came into force, which gave the victim a number of new rights (a full list of rights in a previous publication), which provided an opportunity to effectively influence the course of the investigation while in the legal field.
The positive aspect of this is the fact that, under the current CCP, the victim and his representative (lawyer) have the right to get acquainted with the materials of the proceedings and make copies of them before the end of the pre-trial investigation. (Articles 56, 221 of the CPC of Ukraine). Namely, using this right, the victim (his representative) has the opportunity to get acquainted with the materials of the case since the moment of opening of criminal proceedings. At the same time, the legislator does not restrict him in the right to become acquainted with the case in the future.
This right is the key to success in a number of criminal proceedings. So, immediately after an accident or a problem of bodily injuries, a plan of events is drawn up and all witnesses of the adventure are interrogated. The indicated documents are the key to the case, due to the fact that they consolidate all the original data. With such documents it is possible to predict the further course of the proceedings, or to prevent the corrupt component of our law enforcement system, having brought to the consultation of a lawyer who specializes in this category of cases.
To be continued…