Traffic accident Expert Functions and powers of emergency commissioners

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Functions and powers of the commissioners on emergencies

Extraordinary commissions were called after an accident. Call Avarkoma May as the injured person and the perpetrator of the accident. From the usual insurance agent, who is usually called to the place of road traffic accident, the commissioner on accidents divides a wider list of functions.

Yes, the main responsibilities of avarkoma:

– vídeofíksacíâ place of accident and damage, nanesenogo correctional facilities;
– Witnesses’ polls, if so;
– Folding scheme of road accidents;
– collecting information about both drivers with photos of vodíjs’kih certificates and insurance pilots;
Providing advice vodíêví on the documents that fill the traffic police or yourself in the protocol as a representative of one of the drivers;
Assistance in completing or filling in the documents required for the insurance company.
In the review of the site of the accident, avarkom is a certificate that includes an accident scheme, photos and video from the accident location, information on both sides of the accident, and a certificate comment is provided in. Insurance. Read more here.

In addition, it can be used as a database when the case is in court. Emergency commissars, who themselves organized their activities without insurance companies, can offer their clients additional services: motor showroom driver interests in court, if the case has come to business; help with car sales after an accident; legal advice Questions relating to road traffic regulations relating to traffic rules

In fact, an emergency agent is a well-built professional who can help with the redemption of documents and the assessment of damage, damage resulting from a traffic accident. Based on the dovíreností, he can represent the interests of the driver in court and in the insurance company, but he has no real power, determined by law.

The commissars argue that ‘at the time of the call in 90% of the cases they go faster than the traffic police, and they put the protocol more quickly and are released into a part from.