It happened press conference was held at Interfax-Ukraine with the participation of the Managing Partner of the law firm “Accident Expert”

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On June 4, 2019, a press conference was held at Interfax-Ukraine with the participation of the Managing Partner of the law firm “Accident Expert”

From the beginning of the motorcycle in Kyiv, the number of accidents involving two-wheelers increased by 30% compared to last year.

“The number of accidents from the opening of the motorcycle has increased by 30%. Since the beginning of the season already there are several dead, there is a greater quantity of serious injuries in comparison with the previous season.

The number of insurance payments through the bureau increases in the winter because of the use of rubber tires. In the absence of the perpetrator of the accident insurance payments to the victims carried MTIBU.

The maximum amount of payments is 200 thousand UAH.

Payments are made either on expense confirmation, or in minimum amounts. The number of victims is ten times more than the number of people who have received health payments.

Managing partner of the law firm “Accident Expert” Alexander Kayer, emphasizes that “An important factor is the collection of primary information at the site of the accident.

The practice of “Accident Experts” indicates: the quality of the collection of materials does not always meet the requirements of the legislation necessary to establish the guilty person in the event. The main reasons for low-quality compilation of materials on the ground is the weak development of the culture of attracting professionals to the place of accidents, in particular lawyers. Mostly people turn to lawyers at the stage when they either have not received a payment or have received incomplete or the court does not establish the guilt of the person. Preferably, people apply already after the expiration of all terms for bringing to justice (for administrative violation – three months). If the police officer evaluates the situation incorrectly, in practice the review of the case takes up to a year. ”

The problem is also that people are not aware of their rights. A participant in an accident has the right to get acquainted with materials at the scene of the event, at least photograph a plan drawn up by law enforcement officers, as well as make comments and additions to them. The culprit in an accident may not only be one of the participants in the event, but also motor shows.

“A policeman can draw up a protocol not only for the participants of the accident, but also the balance-keeper of the road for his improper condition, which led to an accident.